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HOCATT™ helps harmonize multiple modalities into the ultimate wellness symphony. By combining 10 highly effective technologies, perfectly sequenced to activate one another, it provides integrated support for promotion of maximum health and wellness.

HOCATT™ is an all-in-one non-invasive way to harness the benefit of ozone using Hyperthermic Ozone & Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology. This combination detoxes, improves circulation, boosts energy and strengthens the immune system. SynergyO3 is an Authorized HOCATT™ Center that offers patients Power of 10 HOCATT™ modalities. Our office is in Encinitas, San Diego County, California and serves patients throughout the West Coast.


“The number of technologies that our HOCATT™ can squeeze into a 30-minute session is truly remarkable,” notes Dr. Volpp. “Transdermal ozone, pulsed electromagnetic, carbonic acid, light session. It is also incredibly relaxing.”

How long is a HOCATT™ session and where can I book?

The HOCATT™ is a 30-minute, known as a “sauna”, session that provides multiple technologies to support and potentiate one another, improving results for the patient. Synergy 03 is a HOCATT™ platinum partner, located in Encinitas, California.

Yes! SynergyO3 is a HOCATT™ Platinum referral partner Located in Southern California and you are welcome to book sessions with us.

SynergyO3 offers HOCATT™ Power of 10, which delivers ozone trans dermally (through the skin) over a 30 minute “sauna” or affordable packages for HOCATT™. This is very popular for patients who are needle-averse or who have been treated with EBOO and are looking for maintenance options.

PEMFs (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields) are known for providing immediate and long-lasting pain relief, accelerated healing and regeneration, enhanced circulation and oxygenation.

What is the Cost of a HOCATT™ session?

For HOCATT™ Power of 10 and HUGO™ – PEMF are $160 Per session . A package of 10 is $1440 to lower the cost per session. Pay for 9 and get the 10th session Free.

How do Far Infrared Saunas remove toxins from the body?

Saunas, especially Far Infrared saunas are effective at detoxifying the body, and chelating heavy metals, stimulating the immune system, improving blood and lymph circulation, and reducing stress and anxiety.

What makes HOCATT™ unique?

The HOCATT™ is a holistic approach to strategic wellness and vitality, using a combination of powerful natural technologies. It includes technologies such as Transdermal Ozone, CO2 / Carbonic Acid, Whole Body Hyperthermia, Far Infrared Steam Sauna, High-Intensity PEMF, Frequency Specific Microcurrents, Passive Exercise with Oxygen Breathing, Essential Oil Infusions, Photon Light & Colors, Ultraviolet Irradiation.

The HOCATT™ is a powerful combination of 10 technologies that can deliver collective responses in just 30 minutes. HOCATT™ provides 10 technologies in one session, which support and potentiate each other for even better results. This makes it unfair to compare other technologies to the HOCATT™, as any one individual device won’t provide the collective responses.

Multiple Modalities at One Time

HOCATT™ simultaneously works on all major systems in the body, giving the body more energy to use right off the bat. The combined technologies used in the HOCATT™ have been carefully chosen through scientific consideration, making them even more powerful when combined.

The HOCATT™ Shotgun Effect

The HOCATT™ has the advantage of a “shot-gun” effect, by applying multiple technologies simultaneously. This allows people to be sure that something in the HOCATT™ will work, and it can even help people start responding to those technologies that were not working for them initially. The HOCATT™ gives people the opportunity to try something affordable, without spending more money on several separate devices.