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Oral and IV supplementation is needed in addition to balanced diet

Optimization of nutrition, whether via diet, oral supplementation or IV support, is a critical tenet of functional medicine.  At SynergyO3 we have teamed up with Xymogen, a company that provides ultra pure, prescription strength oral supplements.  Dr Volpp and her staff will do a complete intake and create a customized pack of oral supplements that will be used in combination with the ozone treatments to not only reverse the chronic inflammation but to maintain the gains achieved by the ozone reset process.

Benefits of Supplementation

Maintenance of overall health

Acute illness

Chronic illness

Preloading prior to athletic or special events

Filling the gaps in optimum nutrition that cannot be achieved with diet alone

How It Works

After obtaining your initial PULS test, results will be analyzed and a personalized plan will be created by your SynergyO3 team.  This will include a full system reset via ozone dialysis followed by recommendations for IV supplementation combined with maintenance oral supplementation.  Repeat labwork is generally done after 6 weeks of intervention, and needs are re-assessed at that time.