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We believe that 21st Century medicine should amplify the body’s innate ability to heal itself and attack disease at its core.

Through modern technology and a passion for the human body, Dr. Heather Volpp brings you SynergyO3 – a functional medicine practice in Encinitas, California.


SynergyO3 was created out of necessity – it became increasingly clear that what while traditional medicine is valuable, and has a time and place, it did not help patients get to the root of their health problems. An immunology and allergy expert, Dr. Volpp wanted to offer patients the opportunity to address their underlying problems and live a more optimized life. 



Dr. Volpp treated patients’ symptoms for over 15 years. Just before the pandemic in 2020, Heather was ready for a new venture with SynergyO3 – a functional medicine practice specializing in EBOO, the only of its kind in San Diego County. Over the past two years, Heather has seen first-hand how powerful it is to evaluate the whole person, get to the root of their problem, and help their body heal their symptoms.

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease

Our Providers

Heather Volpp, MD

Dr. Heather Volpp received her medical degree in 2001 from the University of Nevada. She completed her residency in internal medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and then did a fellowship in allergy and immunology at UCLA/VA Medical Center in West Los Angeles. She has been in practice in north San Diego since 2006 and is a firm believer in functional medicine, specifically functional immunology.

Dr. Volpp lives in Encinitas with her husband and four children. She enjoys running, tennis and cooking as well as being a crazy soccer and lacrosse mom.


A message from Heather:

I was in private practice allergy and immunology for 15 years. I saw numerous patients with fairly large systemic complaints—ranging from joint pain, fatigue, loss of mental clarity, etc. that could not be addressed or explained by traditional medicine. I also saw patients who looked like the picture of health—lean, exercise, eat healthy—suffer massive cardiac events. This started to pique my interest that maybe traditional medicine was not addressing underlying problems, mainly inflammation, as a root cause for disease. Ozone has been used for centuries to stop the inflammatory cascade at a cellular level. What I have seen from my two years in practice is patients unexplained symptoms improving, cardiac risk indicators decreasing, objective measures of inflammation dropping and overall better quality of life for my patients. My goal is to work in conjunction with patients current medical team to optimize their bodies natural healing, significantly decrease overall inflammation and improve overall health for all my patients.

Heather Volpp

Apryl Pidding, NP

Apryl Pidding, Nurse Practitioner, received her bachelor’s degree in health communications in 1996 from the University of Washington. After ten years of experiencing life through multiple different disciplines including seven years as a reserve officer in the United States Coast Guard, she continued her education by completing a second bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2006 from the University of San Diego. She then went on to receive her Masters of Science in Nursing, specializing as a family nurse practitioner in 2010. She has experience in family practice, urgent care, hematology/oncology and immunology.  She currently practices functional gastroenterology in north San Diego.


​Apryl Pidding lives in Encinitas with her husband and two sons. She enjoys exercising, hiking, camping and surfing.