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Welcome to SynergyO3. We are proud to be your partner in health.

Evidence-based approach to optimal health.

At SynergyO3, we offer modern integrative medicine lead by our head physician and CEO, Dr. Heather Volpp. Treating a variety of conditions by getting to the source, Dr. Volpp, trained in allergy and immunology, leverages Functional Medicine in her practice.


As a unique practice offering cutting edge treatments, it is our intention to identify and treat a patient’s symptoms, rather than solely focusing on the disease and treating with pharmaceuticals. Functional medicine focuses on all aspects of the patient’s life, while identifying and addressing the root cause of disease, sickness, or whatever may be causing your body stress. By looking at the patient as a whole person, we can effectively create change, and contribute to their wellbeing and healing.


We’re not your average medical practice. We work with you and your doctors to eliminate inflammation and fight infection through our unique treatment methods. As the leading (and only) practice in San Diego offering these treatments, your integrative care is our top priority.

Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBOO)

Leveraging naturally occurring, energy-rich molecules for your body. A groundbreaking treatment that has shifted the way patients manage their health. EBOO can fight infection, reduce inflammation, and activate the immune system.

Inflammatory Testing

An inflammatory test to provide insight on the status of your current health.


SynergyO3 is San Diego’s only clinic offering the PULS test, an inflammatory test created by renowned Orange County cardiologist Douglas Harrington, MD.


Customized Supplementation

Supplements to support your health journey.


Oral supplementation, in combination with IV supplementation, is critical in SynergyO3’s efforts to reverse chronic inflammation and maintain optimal homeostasis.

Identify and eliminate inflammation.

The goal of our work, complemented with the care of your current medical team, is to optimize your health by supporting your immune system and addressing inflammation. EBOO is at the core of our practice, because the science speaks for itself. On average, our patients see and feel improvement in two treatments. 


About SynergyO3

The backbone of SynergyO3 lies in its unique treatment method: Extracorporeal Blood Oxygen Ozonation (EBOO) [hyperlinked], or Ozone Therapy. SynergyO3 is the only location in San Diego with this machine, which filters, ozonates and infuses oxygen into the blood. This treatment is incredibly powerful and allows us to essentially hit a “hard reset” on the chronic inflammation most of us fight on an ongoing basis.

At our core, it is our goal to help patients live better, fuller lives. Through the services we offer, ozone therapy, IV nutrient therapy, and supplements, and the integrative nature of our practice, we can provide our patients with the tools to get better and stay healthy.

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